Cold Cases

An investigation is not closed until the case is officially solved. However, there are times when the Sheriff’s Office has not been able to officially solve a case; even though months or years may have been devoted to solving it. Thus, it remains open. In law enforcement terminology, when this happens, it is referred to as a Cold Case. These cold cases often involve missing persons and homicides. The lack of closure in solving these cases is particularly hard on the families of the victims.

This section of our website highlights pending cold cases in which our office needs the public’s help in solving. If you have information regarding any of these cold cases, please contact us by calling 330.339.2000 or 1.877.365.9316 (Toll-Free in Ohio) or click here to e-mail us. Information received will remain confidential.

Thank you for helping our office and, more importantly, the families of the victims.