Civil Office

The Civil Office is responsible for the delivery of legal documents in the County, which include summonses, subpoenas and lawsuits. The fees from legal documents served are paid into the County General Fund. We also execute orders involving selling or seizing of property commonly known as Sheriff’s Sales.

The Civil Office is also responsible for mailing out the jury duty notices to the citizens of our County. In our efforts to serve the courts, if an individual does not respond to his/her jury duty notice, a deputy will hand deliver a second notice to that individual. Remember, our Country has a unique justice system that allows a jury of one’s peers to seek out the truth and deliver judgment. If you are selected for jury duty, please exercise your civic responsibility and send back your response to the Clerk of Courts Office.

The Records Department provides many services to the Tuscarawas County residents. Incident reports, accident reports, records checks and sex offender registration list are some of the services provided by the Records Department.

Listed below are the documents available on the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Website:

Public Records Policy

Limited English Proficiency Policy