Clerk of Courts

Legal Division

The Tuscarawas County Clerk of Courts office, as the keeper of the records, provides a vital role in serving the interest of justice. The main function of the office is to file and maintain the records and issue notices for the General Trial Division of the Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court. The general trial division consists of felony criminal actions; domestic relations actions that involve terminations of a marriage as well as support and visitation enforcement, change of custody and domestic violence actions; and civil actions that range from personal injury (tort), money judgments, foreclosures and civil stalking orders. The Judges for the general trial division are The Honorable Elizabeth Lehigh Thomakos and The Honorable Michael J. Ernest.

The Probate/Juvenile Division of the Court under The Honorable Adam W. Wilgus maintain their records separately. Those records are not available from this office or website.

The Tuscarawas County Clerk of Courts office maintains the records for the Conservancy District Division of the Common Pleas Court. This division is the court that oversees the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. The district covers 18 counties with one Common Pleas Judge from each county appointed to serve as a Judge for the Conservancy District Court.
The Tuscarawas County Clerk of Courts office also files and maintains the records for the Fifth District Court of Appeals for any action appealed from any court located within Tuscarawas County as well as certain original actions arising out of Tuscarawas County. The office also records Certificate of Judgment Liens. With the exception of records sealed by the court and matters relating to unserved secret indictments, all records are open to the public.