The Tuscarawas County Marriage License Division issues marriage licenses in person BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Should you have any questions about marriage licenses, please call 330-365-3244.

Your application, fee and related items must be turned in at least a week before you will need to have your appointment. The Court will call you to schedule that appointment after we receive your application. When it is time for your appointment, only you and your fiance will be permitted to enter the courthouse at 101 East High Avenue, New Philadelphia. Please be seated in the hall outside Room 203 and you will be waited on.

To apply, please follow these directions:

Download and print out the two-page application "marriage license request form" found under the picture on this page. 

Complete the application by neatly printing in ink.

Prepare copies of all of the required documentation: birth certificates, social security cards/tax records, photo IDs, proofs of address if needed, and divorce/dissolution records if needed. Any missing or unreadable documents will result in your appointment being delayed.

In a large envelope, place the completed application, the $70 fee (cash or money order) and the copies of your records.  Seal the envelope.

Bring the envelope to the county office building at 125 East High Avenue. To the left inside the main open area is a table with bins labeled for various offices. Place the envelope in the “probate/juvenile incoming” bin. The envelope will be retrieved by court staff, who will then contact you by phone to make your appointment.

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General Marriage License Information:

The cost for a couple to apply for a marriage license is $70, cash or money order only. If, for any reason, an application is not approved or a license is not used, the couple will not receive a refund. Once issued, the license is good for 60 days.

A marriage license may be issued to a couple who reside out of state but only if they are getting married in Tuscarawas County. If the couple resides in Ohio, at least one party must be a Tuscarawas County resident in order for the license to be issued here. For county residents, the license is valid anywhere in the state of Ohio.

The couple must apply together in person and this Court REQUIRES that applicants provide copies of ALL of the following documents  prior to their application appointment: photo IDs and copies of birth certificates and Social Security cards and proof of current addresses if the parties’ IDs do not reflect his or her current address. If a party does not have his or her Social Security card, a tax record, W-2 form, or a military record can be used instead.

Also, if either of the parties have been divorced, this Court REQUIRES that party to prove that he or she is no longer married by providing basic case information for our records. A copy of the decree of dissolution or divorce signed by a judge OR a certificate of divorce or dissolution issued by the court is to be used. Separation agreements and child support orders are not acceptable. If either of the parties have been married and divorced more than once, the documentation relating to the most recent divorce or dissolution must be provided.

Please be advised of the following:
   ? The act of obtaining a marriage license does not make you married.
   ? You must make your own arrangements to be married. You can be married by any minister who is registered with the State of Ohio or by a mayor of any city or village. The license we issue notifies the officiant that it is legal for you to be married. There may be additional costs associated with the actual marriage ceremony.



Certified copies of marriage records are $3 each. You may request these records in one of two ways: you may call (330)365-3244 OR you may print out and complete the request form found under the “Marriage Record Request” link BELOW.