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The Tuscarawas County Park Department operates under the direction of the Tuscarawas County Commissioners.


For general inquires, you can reach Jesse Rothacher at 330-365-3278. For information about programming and events, call Marsha Freeland at 330-365-3279. To report maintenance concerns, call the maintenance line at 330-365-3288.

Parks & Trails

The Tuscarawas County Park Department currently has three county-owned properties under its jurisdiction:

The Canal Lands Park and the Norma Johnson Center are free and open to the public daily from dawn to dusk. Trenton Heritage Park is accessible only via permit. Please visit the Rules & Permits page for detailed information.


The Tuscarawas County Park Department seeks to preserve and interpret the agricultural, natural, cultural, and recreational resources of Tuscarawas County, working in partnership with representatives from the agricultural community, trail and green space advocates, businesses, and local government. The Park Department will partner with local communities and non-profit organizations to develop a county-wide network of trails and parks, promote agricultural land and green spaces, stimulate community and economic development, and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Tuscarawas County.


The Tuscarawas County Park Department was created by the Tuscarawas County Commissioners in 2004. The Park Department reports to the Commissioners, is guided by the Tuscarawas County Trail & Green Space Master Plan, and advised by the Tuscarawas County Park Advisory Committee.

Tuscarawas County Park Advisory Committee

The Tuscarawas County Park Advisory Committee will meet on the following dates:

  • January
  • March 19
  • May 21
  • July 16
  • September 17
  • November 19

Venues are tentative until confirmed – the Chairman may choose to hold meetings at other locations. Physical meetings are assumed to be held at the Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors Bureau (124 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia) unless otherwise noted.

(Last Updated: March 2023)

Committee Members

  • Joe Krocker
  • Tom Corey
  • Randy Clum
  • Jerry Lahmers
  • Kenny Kocarek
  • Jill Cunningham
  • Dylan Sayre
  • Eric Leindecker
  • Lisa Geers

Tuscarawas County Trail & Green Space Plan

You can download the Tuscarawas County Trail & Green Space Plan here (28 MB).

The Tuscarawas County Trail and Green Space Plan is a bold vision for the conservation, interpretation, development and management of the cultural, natural, and recreational resources in Tuscarawas County. The plan identifies over 25 trail and green space projects, including 256 miles of hiking and bicycling trails, 400 acres of green space and 130 miles of scenic roadways throughout its nine watershed regions. The plan showcases the county’s unique character as part of a regional trail and green space network, providing hikers, bicyclists and travel enthusiasts with safe and reliable connections to the restaurants, lodging facilities and attractions in Tuscarawas County. With the implementation of the Trail and Green Space Plan, there will be numerous positive community and economic impacts including increased tourism, from visitors seeking to experience the county’s many offerings, business retention and development as companies seek communities that offer safe and reliable leisure opportunities and increased property values.

The Plan

The Tuscarawas County Trail and Green Space Plan is divided into nine distinct regions based on geographic watershed boundaries and envisioned to focus on the special character of each region. Individually, each region is thematically portrayed by its distinctive geographic, cultural and recreational resources and its heritage. Collectively, the regions complement one another to tell the story of the rich tapestry of resources that make Tuscarawas County such a special place. The Tuscarawas County Trail and Green Space Plan provides a blueprint for the planning, development and management of trail and green space linkages throughout the county. Through the conservation and development of trails and green spaces, and enhanced visitor services, tourism opportunities will be created for communities to capitalize on and become more prosperous as a result of the implementation of the plan. It provides the citizens of Tuscarawas County and their guests the opportunity to experience the region while protecting privacy, benefiting the economy and encouraging stewardship of the County’s precious resources.