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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a way for parties to resolve their disputes in a confidential setting with the assistance of a neutral third party whose role is to assist the parties in reaching an agreement on disputed issues by identifying unresolved issues, exploring options and facilitating communication between the parties.  Attorneys for the parties also participate in the mediation conferences. A mediated resolution allows the parties to avoid the uncertainty an expense of a contested court proceeding.

       Local Rules for Chapter 9- Mediation


Civil Mediation

         I.         General Civil Cases

The Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court automatically refers all civil cases to the Court’s in-house mediation program.  These cases include: personal injury; auto accidents; employment disputes; real property disputes; contract disputes; medical malpractice; and construction disputes.

        Civil Mediation Program Brochure

        Civil Mediation Case Summary Form


         II.         Foreclosure Cases

In foreclosure mediations, the mediator works with the parties to a mortgage to discuss the issues that led to the foreclosure. Transferring the home back to the mortgage company and modifying the loan terms are two of many possible results from the mediation

      Foreclosure Mediation Process

  • A homeowner must complete a Foreclosure Questionnaire that is mailed to the homeowner with the Foreclosure Complaint no later than 14 days after receiving the Complaint.
  • If mediation is appropriate the parties will participate in a Pre-Mediation Conference to discuss a timeline to exchange necessary documents between the two sides. 
  • A Mediation Conference is scheduled forty-five days after the agreed upon deadline for the exchange of documentation. 

       Foreclosure Mediation Brochure

       Motion to Extend Time to Answer


Domestic Relations Mediation (Family Law)

The Domestic Mediation Program in Tuscarawas County provides parties in a divorce or post decree case with the opportunity to submit custody, visitation, child support and property division issues to mediation before proceeding to a contested hearing before the Court.    These cases are referred to mediation by the Court or at the request of a party. 

Married people who plan to file a divorce or dissolution can also ask the Mediation Program to assist them in resolving their marriage termination issues before filing a divorce or dissolution.  See below for the form to use to request this free service.  

       Domestic Mediation Program Brochure

       Domestic Mediation Case Summary Form

       Joint Request for Mediation Services (Before Filing Dissolution or Divorce)   

       Request for Mediation before filing Post Decree Motion

       GAL Mediation Case Summary Form



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