Traci A. Berry

Assistant County Prosecutor/Director

Ryan Styer

Tuscarawas County Prosecuting Attorney

154 2nd Street NE
New Phila., Ohio 44663



Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM (Except State Recognized Holidays)

Program Services Provided by the Agency

Location of Parents
The CSEA uses information from the Application and accesses all available location sources.

Paternity Establishment
The CSEA will establish legal responsibility for the child born out of wedlock. In most cases, this can be accomplished by using administrative procedures with no Court Hearing. DNA testing of all involved parties may be required as part of the parentage determination process.

Establishment of an Order
Upon a request for services, the CSEA will establish an order for support for any children in which there is an established parent absent from the home of the child. One or both parents may be ordered to pay support dependent on the circumstances. This may be accomplished through either an administrative process or a judicial process, whichever is most appropriate. In all cases, the Ohio Child Support Guidelines will be used to determine the amount of child support to be paid by the non-residential parent/obligor.     A parent may be ordered to provide medical insurance and a cash medical payment in addition to a monthly child support payment.

Administrative Review and Adjustment
Upon the request of either parent, the CSEA will determine if the case meets all necessary criteria for the CSEA to perform an administrative review and adjustment of the support order. If it is determined that a review is warranted, the CSEA will gather all necessary information to review the child support and medical support order while following all applicable laws and state procedures in determining any adjustments to the amount of the order.

Enforcement of an Order
The CSEA will use all appropriate means available to enforce an order for support issued by the agency or court. The most common examples of these actions include, but are not limited to, orders for wage withholding and seek work, intercepting tax refunds, license suspension, lottery intercept, initiating contempt actions, and criminal non-support.

Collection and Disbursement
The Ohio CSPC (Child Support Payment Central) distributes all support collections within two business days of receipt. The CSEA maintains records of all monies paid on child support and spousal support cases. All collections and enforcement activities are reported as required by law.

The Agency CANNOT DO the Following:

  1. Collect/enforce property settlement issues.
  2. Collect medical bills other than previously stated.
  3. Establish or enforce parenting time orders.
  4. Locate estranged children.