Regional Planning
Organizational Chart

According to the Resolution of Cooperation
Tuscarawas County Regional Planning Commission

(Statutory Commission, See Resolution March 26, 1973, By-Laws, Resolution of Cooperation)

Resolution of Cooperation


By virtue of the adoption of a Resolution of Cooperation by the Board of County Commissioners of Tuscarawas County Ohio, and by the legislative authorities of some of the municipalities within this county, townships, and other local governments, there has been created a Regional Planning Commission vested with the powers given to regional planning commissions under the laws of the State of Ohio, particularly Revised Code 713.21 et seq. Such Resolution of Cooperation provides for the creation of a Commission composed of representatives of the cooperating municipalities and townships, ten members from Tuscarawas County appointed by the County Commissioners of Tuscarawas County, the three County Commissioners, County Engineer, and the Director of the Tuscarawas County District Board of Health, which has the right to exercise the powers and duties of the Planning Commission. Subject to the provisions of all applicable statutes and in order to carry out the duties and functions of the Regional Planning Commission vested in it by virtue of the Resolution of Cooperation and by the statutes of the State of Ohio, it is hereby determined to be necessary and desirable that the following by-laws be adopted.