Plaintiff Process

Plaintiff and Judgment Creditor Instructions

A Judgment Creditor is defined as the creditors (plaintiff or defendants) who are awarded judgment in the foreclosure case. Judgment Creditors are required to register for a Username and Password and fill in all appropriate fields. Per Ohio Revised Code 2329.211, in every action of Judicial Sale or Execution of residential property, if the Judgment Creditor is the purchaser, they shall not be required to make a deposit on the sale. However, Judgment Creditors are required to submit the bidding style choice (pre- sale manage bid or live bid) AND a copy of the court order stating they are the Judgment Creditor on the case they are bidding to Realauction Customer Service ( at least one business day prior to the sale date. Submission can be done via email or fax. Submission must include the bidder number, user account contact first and last name, county name, and sale date in the submission.

For more information and training on requirements to participate in the online auctions as a Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor, please call (954) 734-7400 ext 245 for Jeanette or 246 for Javi. They specifically handle all attorney/plaintiff/judgment creditor questions.

Here is how to get properly linked to cases:

  1. Make sure to register on auction site PRIOR to the need to be linked. A bidder number will be assigned to you upon the completion of the registration. It is located under your username in the top left corner of the auction site after you login.
  2. Email Realauction’s Customer Service ( the following document attached and information in the email body:
    • An attached copy of the court order stating they are the Judgment Creditor
    • Bidder Number
    • User Account Contact First and Last Name
    • County Name
    • Sale Date
    • Case Number
    • Bidding Style: Manage Bid or Live Bid. Manage Bid is a pre-bid style only, your bid for this style would need to be placed at least 5 minutes in advance. Live Bid is style to bid like all 3rd party bidders. If you need help determining which style is best, please call Jeanette or Javi for assistance.
  1. You will receive email confirmation once you are linked to the case. If you do not receive that email confirmation, then you MUST call prior to the case running to make sure you are linked in time for the case to run.
  2. If the user account associated with the submitted bidder number does NOT receive email confirmation prior to the auction clock beginning, contact the toll-free Realauction Customer Service Center at (877) 361-7325…this must be done prior to the auction clock running on the sale date to ensure the user account is properly linked to the case. It is the responsibility of the Judgment Creditor to verify they are properly linked to their cases.

PLEASE NOTE: You must follow the above procedure each time a case goes up for sale on the auction site. The case linking is for an individual sale date and does not carry forward to future sale dates of the same case number.