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New Business Guide

Dear New Business Owner:

The Tuscarawas County Auditor’s Office and I personally want to congratulate you on starting your new business. While there will be many trials associated with the operations of a business, the rewards and personal satisfaction associated with running one can be phenomenal. You should be congratulated on having the courage to take the first step.

As a former small business owner myself, it has been mine and other professionals in my staff’s experience that the framework of requirements of a small business has never been formally laid out. We have attempted to pool our combined resources and knowledge to make this Guide a useful tool for all new businesses and to take the effects of these combined experiences and make them available to make sure that you don’t fall victim to the chaos that is starting a new business.

There are a number of decisions that you will be required to make and there are a number of reports, taxes and licenses which you may be required to obtain in order to properly run your business, be in compliance with tax reporting, and to not violate the law. The penalties on some of these items can be staggering, and it is our goal with this Guide to at least identify some of the common problem areas that we have encountered through the years so that you may benefit from our experience.

We feel that this Guide can help in getting you started on the right foot. However, it is also our belief that it would be in your best interest to review all of these issues with a professional business advisor. This Guide is not intended to answer all of your questions or solve all of the problems of a small business, and a CPA, CFP, tax professional or attorney should be able to address your questions on a more cases by case basis. This Guide is not intended to replace them, but it is intended to educate the new business owner about some of the items and questions which you may encounter.

Once again, congratulations on the beginnings of your business and we hope you find the experience prosperous and rewarding.


Larry Lindberg
Tuscarawas County Auditor