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Tuscarawas County

Geographic Information System / Map Office


Parcel Viewer Website


Data File Share
(There are some maps missing from our site. If they are not here, we do not have them.)



Surveys are stored by location and old tax map pages.  To find the tax map page go to the “Parcel Viewer Website” link.  This will load the GIS/Tax maps for Tuscarawas County.  Go to the area that you are looking for the surveys in.  Go to the upper right corner of the page and click on the “Layers” tab.  Click on “Additional Layers” and toggle on “TaxMapIndex”.  You will see numbers pop in that are green with a white outline (example 01,21,*).  In the “Data File Share” link, go to the “Surveys” link and the numbers on the GIS map are the first two numbers in the survey file (example 01-21 is the beginning of the survey file name).  This will be the surveys in the area.

Also, as a general rule, the survey online date from 2014 to the present.  We are working on scanning the other surveys as time permits.  Any surveys that are not scanned are in the survey file drawers in the map office.


Purpose: To Maintain the County tax parcel maps.
Services: Make maps available for the public, which are offered as follows:

County Road Map – first one is free, each additional will be $1.00

Plat Books – 8½” x 11″ book of all 22 townships – $25.00

Tax Maps:

  • 8.5” X 11” – $0.50 (without Photo) – $1.00 (with Photo)
  • 11” X 17” – $1.00 (without Photo) – $2.00 (with Photo)
  • 18” X 24” – $2.00 (without Photo) – $4.00 (with Photo)
  • 24” X 36” – $4.00 (without Photo) – $6.00 (with Photo)
  • 36” X 48” – $6.00 (without Photo) – $8.00 (with Photo)

Maps can be picked up in our office, Monday through Friday from 8:oo a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Auditor’s Office Forms and Documents

Engineer’s Office Forms

Access Management Regulation for Tuscarawas County

Conveyance Standards – This is a copy of the Tuscarawas County Conveyance standard.

Procedure for Processing Deed Transfers – Instructions for transferring and recording a Deed.

Deed Conveyance Requirements Form (Pre-Approval)DOC or PDF This form must be completed to get a deed pre-approved.

Annexation Checklist– Checklist for all forms and information needed for annexation.