Jeff Mamarella

Tuscarawas County Treasurer

Office Hours
8:00AM to 4:30PM
Monday – Friday

125 East High Ave.
New Philadelphia, OH 44663

Phone: 330-365-3254
Fax: 330-365-3259

Tuscarawas County Treasurer’s Office

FAQ regarding your tax bill, where to pay, and penalties etc…

  1. When are my taxes due?
    First Half Collection Due Date is February 17, 2023.
    Second Half Taxes will be due on July 21, 2023.
  2. Who do I make the Check payable to?
    Make checks payable to Jeffery S. Mamarella Tuscarawas County Treasurer or Tuscarawas County Treasurer.
  3. Are credit cards accepted?
    We now accept credit cards; however the credit card company charges a convenience fee.
  4. Where do I pay my Taxes?
    By Mail:
    Jeffery S. Mamarella
    Tuscarawas County Treasurer
    125 East High Ave.
    New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663
    At the following local banks:
    Dover-Phila Credit Union
    First National Bank of Dennison
    In person at the Treasurer’s office in the court house annex building at:
    125 East High Ave.
    New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663
    Hours Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  5. What happens if I pay my bill late?
    According to Ohio Revised Code 323.17 up to a 10% penalty will be accessed to the amount currently due. Interest is added if the full year amount is not paid by December of that year. If payment is not made after one year the property is subject to foreclosure.
    Tax payments by mail must be post marked on the due date.
  6. Can I arrange a payment plan to pay delinquent taxes?
    Yes. Please call the treasurer’s office to set-up a contract to pay your delinquent taxes.
  7. Bank Escrow Accounts
    If your real estate taxes are paid by the bank (escrowed) the bill will be sent directly to them. Remember you are ultimately responsible for the payment of your taxes.
    If you received the tax bill in error please contact your escrow agent to correct the mailing address on the tax bill. Ask your bank or escrow agent to request in writing a change of mailing address from the treasurer’s office. This request must be in writing.
  8. How do I change my address?
    The taxpayer is responsible to inform the Treasurer’s office of any changes in your address by phone or e-mail. Not receiving a bill does not relieve you of your responsibility to pay your taxes. Tax bills are mailed during January and June. If you have not received a bill please contact the Treasurer’s office at 330-365-3254. If you escrow your payment with a bank the bill is sent directly to the institution.
  9. I think my taxes are too high. What can I do about it?
    Property tax is calculated at 35% of the Auditor’s market value. If you feel that your property value is incorrect, contact the County Auditor’s office at 330-365-3220 or email them at To contest your property value you must file a Board of Revision claim. The complaint form must be filed with the county auditor between January 1 and March 31. This claim gives you the opportunity to present your reasoning for lowering your property value in front of the Board of Revision consisting of the County Auditor, County Commissioner and County Treasurer.
  10. Can I contest my late payment penalty?
    See attachment.
  11. Why are real estate taxes collections one year behind?
    You pay for the time you own the property. This year is not applicable because you have not owned the property all year. You pay for the taxes for the year you lived in or owned the property.