Concealed Carry Hours

Applicants are required to present the following:

  1. Completed Application
  2. Certificate of Competency
    Must have been completed not more than three (3) years prior to original application or a valid CCH permit if applicant is applying for first renewal.


    Please check your training certificates. In order for your C.C.W. training certificates to meet the requirements of the Ohio revised Code and the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office, there is certain wording that needs to be either on the certificate or on a separate affidavit provided by the instructor. The Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office WILL NOT accept your certificate if it does not have the following wording or wording similar in nature to;

    “The instructor of this course attests that the course met the requirements
    Described in Section 2923.125(G) (1) of the Ohio Revised Code and that the
    Applicant passed the competency examination described in Section
    2923.125(G) (2) of the Ohio Revised Code.”

    This does not apply to military personnel who provided the military weapons training record or DD214 in lieu of the training certificate.

    All certificates must be signed and the instructor’s name must be printed or typed along with their instructor identification number.

    Note on Certificates of Competency

    Instructors are required to attest on the certificate that their instruction is in accordance with Ohio law and they must make sure they sign it, print their names legibly on the certificate and include their instructor identification number.

    Adopted 01/2013
    Certificates that do not conform to these requirements will not be accepted.

  3. Application Fee
    Standard Permit $67.00
    Valid for Five (5) yearsTemporary Emergency $37.00
    Valid for Ninety (90) days*An additional $24.00 is required for any applicant who has not resided in Ohio during the past five (5) years
    Standard Permit $91.00
    Temporary Emergency Permit $61.00All Fees must be in the for of
    Cash – Money Order – Certified Check

    Applications and Renewal Applications are available through our Records Clerk in the lobby.

    Attorney General’s pamphlets can be located on the Attorney General’s website or through your instructor.

    Renewals may only be accepted:

    Not earlier than 90 days prior to expiration

All Renewal Applicants must present:

  1. A completed Standard Application;
  2. A $50 fee;
  3. Must present current or expired concealed carry handgun license.
  4. Certify they have reread the OPOTC firearms pamphlet.