Financial Disclosure for Appointed Counsel


Appointed Counsel Fees

Information regarding Appointed Counsel Fees billing and reimbursement can be found here.

Appointed Counsel Fees Form "How To" (not to be used for filing)

Appointed Counsel Fees Form (to be used for filing)


Ohio Public Defender Standards and Guidelines for Appointed Counsel Reimbursement


Sealing of Criminal Record (Expungement)

Please visit the Southeastern Ohio Legal Services website for all information regarding how to seal/expunge a Criminal Record.  All necessary paperwork, including the Application to Seal a Criminal Record, can be printed from the SEOLS website.

Certificate for Qualification of Employment Forms (CQE)

Instructions, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Disclosure of Personal Identifier Form, and Notice to Court of Petition for CQE

Instructions for Filing a Petition 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Form A Disclosure of Personal Identifiers

Form B Notice to Court of Petition for CQE


CQE Petition for Waiver of Filing Fee and Court Cost Deposit with Affidavit

This form can be used to seek permission to file for a CQE without paying a filing fee or deposit.
This form is not intended for use in domestic relations (family law) and other civil cases. For domestic relations (family law) and other civil cases, please use this form.

CQE Petition to Waive Filing Fee

CQE Affidavit in Support of Petition


Request to Court So That a Person Can Seek Permission from Court to Own and Possess a Firearm Per Ohio Revised Code 2923.14

Application for Relief from Firearms Disability