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Jeff Mamarella
Tuscarawas County Treasurer

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From Jeff Mamarella, Tuscarawas County Treasurer:

Tuscarawas County is facing a foreclosure crisis. If you cannot afford your mortgage or you receive foreclosure papers, the following agencies, programs or resources might be of assistance to you.


“Save the Dream”
Ohio’s Save the Dream program is a valuable resource for Tuscarawas County homeowners. Save the Dream is a unique multi-agency effort that makes free help easily available to Ohioans. Help is available through the website,, and by calling the hotline at 888-404-4674.

Free Certified HUD Counseling (all income levels eligible)
Our local agency that works with the Save the Dream program is Harcatus Tri-County CAO, Inc. They provide HUD Certified Housing Counseling Services. In working with families, an assessment is completed to link families with the available programs and resources. Comprehensive foreclosure prevention, intervention, budget and credit counseling is available. This service is provided face-to-face or by telephone. Families can receive quicker serving by contacting them directly at 740- 922-6692, extension 203.

Local Legal Services
If you receive foreclosure papers or the mortgage company is threatening to foreclose, Southeastern Ohio Legal Services (SEOLS) may be able to provide you with free legal assistance. SEOLS is the local legal agency that works with the Save the Dream program. For further info, call SEOLS at 330-339-3998.


THE Obama Plan
The President Obama plan is a significant tool in helping to stop foreclosures. The plan may help those in foreclosure and may help those in bad mortgages. There are two programs available under the plan.

  1. Home Affordable Refinancing program
  2. This allows homeowners who have Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Loans to refinance at lower rates. Most homeowners don't know whether or not their loan is a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac as the homeowner has made no payments to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. The site has links so that homeowners can find out if they have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan. The link for information on the first part of the plan is

  3. Home Affordable Modification Plan (HAMP)
  4. Under this plan, homeowners can get their loans restructured so that their monthly payments are at 31% of gross income. To get to this point, the lender must look at changing interest rates, extending the life of the loan and some other options. Only lenders that have signed onto the plan have to follow the plan. The list of lenders can be found at

    Any homeowner who has a loan with these lenders may qualify for a refinancing. The borrower does not have to be in foreclosure. The website has the contact information for each lender. The homeowner must contact the lender and ask to be considered under this plan. For additional information HMP-flyer.

New information on President Obama's Foreclosure Plan
Home Affordable Modification Program Guidelines
Making Home Affordable Housing Counselor Q&As
Making Home Affordable Summary of Guidelines


Received a foreclosure notice? – “Mediation” and how it can help.

Mediation is the process of guided negotiations between the mortgage company and the borrower to resolve the foreclosure before it goes to a final court hearing. This link explains the process.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to File an Answer to a Foreclosure Complaint
Mortgage Terms
Other Helpful Links

Unemployed? Need a job?
Check local job listings by contacting the Employment Source at 330-364-9777, or stop by their office at 1260 Monroe St. New Philadelphia Ohio.


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