TO SUBMIT FILINGS, WE WOULD PREFER THAT REGULAR MAIL BE SENT TO Tuscarawas County Probate Court, 101 East High Avenue, Room 203, New Philadelphia, OH  44663. HOWEVER, WE WILL ALSO ACCEPT FILINGS BY EMAIL:   For email filings, please refer to the Court's Local Rules, specifically Rule 57.2 that states in part "...the risk of transmitting a document by email to the Probate Court Clerk shall be borne entirely by the sending party...

The Judge of the Probate & Juvenile Court is Linda A. Kate. The Court also has two Magistrates who preside over a variety of cases: Karen Ross Quinlan and Adam Wilgus.

The Probate section of this Court presides over the following types of cases:
     - Adoptions        - Guardianships for minors and incompetent persons     - Minor's claims
     - Birth Corrections and Registrations       - Birth Corrections and Registrations      - Marriage Licenses    - Name Changes
     - Decedent’s Estates         - Mental Illness commitments      - Testamentary Trusts      - Transfers of Settlement

The Probate office also houses some genealogical records. Many of our records go back to 1808 and are available for viewing and printing from microfilm.

The Juvenile section of this Court presides over the following types of cases:

     - Paternity        - Child Support        -   Child Custody

For detailed information about each section, please click on one of the three colored tabs at the top of the page. Each section has its own CourtView search function as well as links to court forms, form packets with instructions and the Court’s Local Rules.

Please remember that Court clerks are not permitted by Ohio Law to assist in the preparation of any court documents nor are they permitted to give you any legal advice. Any questions you may have regarding forms and filings must be directed toward an attorney of your choice. For more information about self-representation, please visit the Ohio Judicial Conference website at for guides and brochures. They can be accessed from the “Publications” tab on the website and are titled “Citizen Guide Brochures.”