Court Announcements and News


  • The Times-Reporter posted an article about a citizen reporting that she received a call from a person who claimed to be calling from the Tuscarawas County Courts telling her she had a default judgement against her.  The caller ID showed a local Court number according to the citizen.  Our Court and Clerk of Court will not call parties to a case to inform them of judgments; such notice will always come in a written Court document sent to the party to the case or their attorney.

  • Renovations on the Courthouse Dome are in progress. Pictures will be updated as the project progresses.

  • The Free Divorce Legal Clinic will be held this year on four occasions.  Interested people should call Southeastern Ohio Legal Services at 330-339-3998.

  • The Court has released its 2017 end of year State of the Court Report.  See the page under the Court Information tab.  See this link for a Times-Reporter article on the topic.

  • See this announcement for Court news on local rules, expanded mediation services and a new standard parenting time order.

  • The Community Corrections Program is hiring an additional Probation Officer, see the employment link above.



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